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Friday fun.

This isn’t particularly relevant to the blog, but its kind of fun and it is a friday, so I thought i’d share it anyway.

I just love the simplicity of this little flash app, its not really much use for anything constructive, but I like the way that the different colours represent different sounds and the way that you can layer the sounds on top of each other. Continue reading

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Presenting at tuesday’s Supermonday

Its official Supermonday has been going for a year now, and i’ve been fortunate enough to get along to many of those events, where i’ve met some really interesting people and learned loads of cool stuff.

I was especially pleased to get the opportunity to mark the event, by filling one of the speaker slots at last months at the event at the Side Gallery.

I have presented in a while, so i have to admit that i while i was a little nervous at first, altough that soon passed and I thouroughly enjoyed doing a talk on project managing the development of the BALTIC online shop. Continue reading

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