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Events for June.

Having recently read an article in the Telegraph on ‘how Grim things are in the North’, I had thought i’d have to pack my bags and head of to London, if i wanted to do any sort of social networking. Turns out they were wrong…there are a whole host of events in June, right on our very doorstep. Who’s have guessed it, this far North?

Junes Events include: Pecha ucha, Game Horizon, Where do you think your going, ThurdsdayFizz, Supermondays and Shift Happens 2.0 Continue reading

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Responding to the idea that “it’s (still) grim up North”!

Yesterday the Telegraph published an article by Milo Yiannopoulos’s entitled ‘Sun Tech Mission 2009: it’s (still) grim up North’. While Milo claims that he was genuinely concerned for the state of the regions tech industries and only wanted to help,but the article conveyed a real sense of arrogance, that has lead to outrage from the region and beyond.

I was at first shocked, then outraged and finally somewhat dismayed. How could the Telegraph publish, such a damning report, and how could a serious journalist get it so wrong? Is this really how people in the south feel about live in the North?

This is a copy my response to that article… Continue reading

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Entering the ‘digital marketing debate’.

There seems to be an ever-growing number of IT, technology, internet and digital groups, forums and networks, setting up in the North East. The latest such group is ‘Digital Marketing – Debates’ hosted by Newcastle University Business School.
Wednesday morning saw the first meeting of this new group, and despite the early start in seemed to be very well received, with a promising turnout, made up of both familiar faces and people I’d not come across at these things before. Kay Jones introduced an excellent line up of speakers on subjects including email, search optimization, online recruitment and the digital sector.If i were to criticize anything it would be time keeping with an hours over run there was very little time left for networking. Continue reading

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Northern-Exposure: coupling filmmakers with talent

Northern Film & Media, Northwest Vision and Media and Screen Yorkshire have been working in partnership to create an online database showcasing crew, facilities, creative and digital talent from all the northern regions.

The website holds details of over 3,000 resources, companies and freelancers working in the media production and creative industries available within the region… Continue reading

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Technotes for the Journal.

There is a strange feeling of satisfaction in reading something that you have written in newsprint. I’m not quite sure what it is, but there is definitely something very special about the experience. When Lewis Harrison of Codeworks, asked if I fancied having a go at writing the Technotes column for the journal, I wasn’t sure where it would go. That was about a year ago, I written another four columns since… Continue reading

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Super Monday on a Tuesday?

Because of the bank holiday, this months ‘Super Monday’ was somewhat strangely on a Tuesday, and to confuse us still further, it was in a different part of the university. …but regarless of the day it lived up to its regular high standards… Continue reading

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