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Interactive video

There have been a view interesting interactive video projects kicking around recently, including some pretty cools stuff from quicktv and clickthrough, but to me the technology from Yellow Bird is by far the most interesting thing I’ve seen for a while. Continue reading

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Kicking around the concept of sharding

I was really enjoyed tonight’s (27th july) Supermonday session, the session was split into just one speaker session, followed by a group discussion.

The speaker was John Colquhaun, a research assistant and graduate of computer science from newcastle uni that has been working on a some software to help doctors communicate risk to patients with cardio-vascular problems. This involved fistly calculating risks based on some existing equaltions, integrating this into patient records, then expressing the result in smiley faces.
The second half of the evening was the bit that i actually enjoyed the most, a group discussion, based the question “Do we need to encrypt our data or should we just shard it and scatter it to the four corners of the world? ” Continue reading

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July’s SuperMonday

Super monday is continuing its ‘ fresh’ approach, with another slight shift in format for this monday.

There will be one speaker session, followed by an open discussion, the subject of which will be arranged by an online vote this week. Continue reading

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Meeting Milo

Following the Milo’s Yiannopoulos ‘Grim up north’ article in the Telegraph, there was a huge back lash from the region, many of us challenging Milo to come up to the North East and see the state of the tech sector for himself.

Several of our fines startups made an appearance to but our side of the argument across, and milo Continue reading

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Kielder riverside way

I took a bit of a mini break from tech stuff this week and did a some exercise. Heading up to Kielder Water, I jogged part way around the newly opened “riverside way” multi-purpose track.

Having been to Kielder in the summer before, I half expected to be eaten alive by the midges, however I have to say that they have done a great job of clearing back some of the undergrowth around the track, making it mainly light and airly with great views of the lake and forest. The track itself is about 2 meters wide and a really pleasant running surface of compacted dirt/grit on hardcore… Continue reading

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