Farewell Lewis!

After five years at Codeworks as Copywriter & PR manager, the very talented Mr. Lewis Harrison, is moving on. Lewis is off to write copy for Aviva (Britain’s largest insurance provider) at York.

I first met Lewis about 2 1/2 years ago at the first Thinking Digital Conference, part of which we hosted at BALTIC, shortly after which he asked if i’d be interested in writing a guest piece in the Journal, a year later he asked if i’d like to write a follow up, and 8 columns later he’s still correcting my poor grammer and spelling and managing to make my random ramblings look good in print. I guess i’m going to have to get around to fixing my spellcheck and reading “Eats, Shoots & Leaves”, now then.

In many ways while Herb kim is the face of Codeworks, Lewis has been the voice of Codeworks, writing much of their copy, Tweeting under the Codeworks banner, working with the press and editing (as well as writing) the Technotes column in the Journal.

Lewis I for one will miss reading your rather witty technotes columns. Best wishes in the new job, it been an absolute pleasure to have worked (and been for the odd beer) with you.

Editors Note. Quite why anyone would want to leave a position writing about technology to write about insurance, I really don’t know, but i guess someone has to do it!

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