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Supermonday super sized selling!

Following what I considered to be an excellent line up of events in 2009, Supermondays got off to a flying start in January with another great event, in what looks to be a very promosing line up for 2010.
Tom Fotheringham of DFDS opened january’s session with a very informed talk on affiliate marketing from the point of view of both affiliate and merchant and how the affiliate programme integrated to the overall sales strategy.
The second half of the session came from a very colourful former visitor to Dragon’s Den, Ling Valentine (crazy Ling), who told us about us about how she used everything from rockets and london buses to free noodles and free money and a range of home made video to drive traffic to her “totally rubbish website”. Ling went on to explain how virtual Indian call centre operative Lingani helped her convert that traffic to sales. Continue reading

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Digital North East Stratergy

Last week James Burke, put a post entitled “Digital North East – a regional #digitalbritain strategy for the digital sector” on his blog. The post concerned a draft copy of a development strategy, laying out plans for expanding the North East digital sector and stimulate the regions economy through digital technologies.
While I applaud the idea of a digital strategy, and believe it to be a great start, it is very basic and need a great deal of work to reach its full potential. I also think that it need far greater input from the digital and business communities. Continue reading

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Meeting Milo

Following the Milo’s Yiannopoulos ‘Grim up north’ article in the Telegraph, there was a huge back lash from the region, many of us challenging Milo to come up to the North East and see the state of the tech sector for himself.

Several of our fines startups made an appearance to but our side of the argument across, and milo Continue reading

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Events for June.

Having recently read an article in the Telegraph on ‘how Grim things are in the North’, I had thought i’d have to pack my bags and head of to London, if i wanted to do any sort of social networking. Turns out they were wrong…there are a whole host of events in June, right on our very doorstep. Who’s have guessed it, this far North?

Junes Events include: Pecha ucha, Game Horizon, Where do you think your going, ThurdsdayFizz, Supermondays and Shift Happens 2.0 Continue reading

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Responding to the idea that “it’s (still) grim up North”!

Yesterday the Telegraph published an article by Milo Yiannopoulos’s entitled ‘Sun Tech Mission 2009: it’s (still) grim up North’. While Milo claims that he was genuinely concerned for the state of the regions tech industries and only wanted to help,but the article conveyed a real sense of arrogance, that has lead to outrage from the region and beyond.

I was at first shocked, then outraged and finally somewhat dismayed. How could the Telegraph publish, such a damning report, and how could a serious journalist get it so wrong? Is this really how people in the south feel about live in the North?

This is a copy my response to that article… Continue reading

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