Thinking Digital 2009 videos now available.

By now, most of you probably know that the Thinking Digital Conference does a great job, bringing some of the greatest speakers, thinkers and doers in technology to the North East (of England). The conference is fast becoming the leading conference of its kind and getting an out standing reputation both locally and globally, but unfortunately not everyone can manage to get to the conference, so following in TED’s footsteps Codeworks (the organizer) have decided that content as good as this, is something that everyone should be able to access, its just too good not to share!

Thinking Digital 2009 Speakers video’s

Its not quite the same as being at the conference, as you don’t quite get the same sense of scale, or the electric atmosphere you get when you but 500 of the most energetic, forward thinking people in technology, social media, enterprise and entertainment in the same room, but it certainly gives you a flavour of the event.

As any readers of my blog will already know i’m a big fan of TDC, i just find these keynotes, fantastically inspiring, and could watch them over and over again.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Johnny Chung Lee,  Johnny is a researcher into interface technology, currently working at Microsoft, he’s done some amazing things with wii motes and this talk will blow you away with talk of audio interfaces that actually enable you to feel 3d models of objects.

Thinking Digital 2009 Talks: Johnny Chung Lee – Research into Interface Technology from Herb Kim on Vimeo.

Caleb Chung, Caleb is the man behind the Pleo and the furby, in this video he gives an insight into what it takes to creator these crazy creatures. Who could resist watching a mix of cute cuddly creatures and electronics.

Thinking Digital 2009 Talks: Caleb Chung – Beauty and Magic from Herb Kim on Vimeo.

Dan Lyons, aka the fake steve jobs, this is just one of the funniest talks i have seen, it literally had be in stitches at this years TDC.

Dan Lyons @ Thinking Digital 09 from Herb Kim on Vimeo.

Sancho plan, what can i say these guys were just awesome

Thinking Digital 2009: Sancho Plan Live Performance from Herb Kim on Vimeo.

Looking at the list of speakers its actually really hard to pick a handful of favourites as they are all so good, Tara Hunt (miss rouge) as always was fantastic, as was the talk on Particle physiscs, the pirates dilema,  to name but a few. But take a look for yourself and see which you pick as your favourites.

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