Trail Running Magazine’s Team 2014

One of the reason’s that I got involved in the British Trail Running podcast and the Strava Ambassador programme is that I believe in grass routes running. I find it just as inspiring to watch someone that’s new to running making it around their first park run as watching a world class runner putting in a new record performance.

It’s not that I have anything against elite runners, in fact I applaud their strength, determination and dedication, but at the same time I sometimes find its difficult to identify with their situation, their abilities are so far from my own and the time and resources they dedicate to running are entirely out of my league.

It’s really great to see Trail Running Magazine recruiting a selection of none elite runners again this year for their 2014 running team. Its so much more real to read about people striving to fit their training in around busy lifestyles and seeing kit reviewed by everyday runners.

Its also good to see that companies like Berghaus getting involved in the project kitting out the team in their gear and hopefully listening to the feedback.

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