Monthly Archives: February 2011

Taking the rough with the smooth

Over the past year, my running has improved dramatically, I’ve moved on from coming in the last few places at most of my races to finishing towards the middle of the pack. My 5k time is under 20 minutes and … Continue reading

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Racking up my first fifty

The plan was simple run as many laps of a 10 mile circuit as I could… furthest I’d ran up until this point was 32 miles…but with a the right playlist and a good supply of jelly babies could i make it 50. Continue reading

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Choosing my next big challenge.

Last year I went from running the odd marathon to tackling something altogether bigger, the Himalayan 100, a 100 mile multi day stage race at altitude. But could I follow an event like that?

Some might say that my choice is a completely crazy idea, not only will it see me running further than i have ever ran, but it will involve running more climbing than i’ve ever done and will see us running through the night twice, if we stay the distance. Continue reading

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