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Hitting ‘the Wall’

This year saw the inaugural running  of  ’The Wall”, a 24 hour, 69 mile race from Carlisle to the Millenium Bridge. Billed by organiser Urban Rat as “the UK’s most scenic ultra” it was always going to be a tempting race, even with the … Continue reading

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A runner’s dilemma

As far as running goes this year can be summed up in a single word for me, Dilemma. The dictionary defines a dilemma as a situation necessitating a choice between two equal, or equally undesirable alternatives to a problem that … Continue reading

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Discovering the benefits of sports massage

It might be because I’m getting older, or because I’m training more and resting less or even because I’m running further and faster than I’ve ever ran, but I’m currently carrying several injuries, and they just don’t seem to be getting any … Continue reading

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Taking the rough with the smooth

Over the past year, my running has improved dramatically, I’ve moved on from coming in the last few places at most of my races to finishing towards the middle of the pack. My 5k time is under 20 minutes and … Continue reading

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Injured again

I’m very quickly stating to learning that with additional strength, comes additional risk. Before I started taking my training a bit more seriously i would just go out and run, without so much as a second thought. Yes i’d be … Continue reading

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Pleasure and pain at Haltwhistle

This week, I ran in the first running of the Haltwhistle Marathon a 27 mile trail race taking in stunning Northumbrian scenery including sections of the Roman wall and along the River Tyne. It started last year as a walking … Continue reading

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