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Rounding up the best of the Race Vests

Ultra vest/pack designs seems to have come on leaps and bounds since I bought my UltraAspire only just over a year ago at the time I was one of the few people with this kind of pack, now it seems everyone is wearing them, but with so many suddenly on the market which is the best to buy?
I enlisted the help of Jon Steele, Tony Holland and Andy Holohan to help me take a few of them through there paces and found thinks have moved on a bit from the days bottles bobbling around all over the place or needing to be a contortionist to get to your gear. Continue reading

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Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Having read Dean Karnazes book Marathon Man i’d heard of chocolate coated coffee beans, but i’d never seen them in the shops, until yesterday that is! I was picking some stuff up in town for my wife after a getting … Continue reading

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Making the 100 club.

Having completed not one but two hundred mile races this year, I began to wonder just how many of us there were, do running 100 mile runs at weekends then going back to work on mondays. Then I decided that … Continue reading

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The British Trail Running Podcast

A few weeks after completing the Hardmoors 55 this year, Tim Batesman got in touch asking if he could interview me for a new podcast he was producing/presenting call The British Trail Running Podcast, the idea was that it would … Continue reading

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Montane Lakeland 100 – 10 lessons learned!

Two years after my first attempted at the awesome Lakeland 100 – Ultra tour of the Lake district, I finally made it around the full 105 miles to collect my finishers medal. Continue reading

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Planning to run a hundred miler?

In 2011 I got a DNF in the Lakeland 100, two years on and I was ready to start planning to have for another go at it. Over the next 30 weeks I would clock up 1200 miles of training, totally destroy at least 1 pair of trainers in the process and complete not one but two 100 mile ultra’s inside of a month. Continue reading

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