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Having completed the big ultras I’d signed up for this year, my training is starting to trail off a bit so I thought it would be a good time to revisit park running and see how my 5k time was … Continue reading

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Tyne Ultra – tales from the river bank

While I don’t often think about it, i’ve lived alongside the River Tyne most of my life, crossing it almost daily, to go to work or the shops and quite often running or walking along its banks. Now that i’d taken up ultra running, the idea of run its entire course from its source in the hills above Alston to the sea at Tyne Mouth made absolut sense. Continue reading

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Making the 100 club.

Having completed not one but two hundred mile races this year, I began to wonder just how many of us there were, do running 100 mile runs at weekends then going back to work on mondays. Then I decided that … Continue reading

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Montane Lakeland 100 – 10 lessons learned!

Two years after my first attempted at the awesome Lakeland 100 – Ultra tour of the Lake district, I finally made it around the full 105 miles to collect my finishers medal. Continue reading

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Planning to run a hundred miler?

In 2011 I got a DNF in the Lakeland 100, two years on and I was ready to start planning to have for another go at it. Over the next 30 weeks I would clock up 1200 miles of training, totally destroy at least 1 pair of trainers in the process and complete not one but two 100 mile ultra’s inside of a month. Continue reading

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Setting the bar for 2013

2012 was a sort of mediocre year as far as running goes for me. I started and ended the year with flu which interrupted my training a bit, I only managed to run a couple of fell races all year, and … Continue reading

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Ultra…the new marathon

With the ever increasing popularity of running, the number of people tackling both half and full marathons is on the rise. So it should come as no surprise that more and more of us are pushing the our boundaries beyond … Continue reading

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Barefoot in the park

About a month a go Dr. Michael Wilkinson, senior lecturer in sport and exercise sciences at Northumbria uni ran a workshop on Barefoot running at the university. Barefoot running has seen a huge rise in popularity recently with the success … Continue reading

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Remembering how to run

They say that “you get good at what you train to do”. Well for the last couple of years I’ve been concentrating on running ultra’s, so I’ve been focussed on distance over speed. In an ideal world I would be … Continue reading

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Finally got the medal

There can be no worse feeling that having to drop out of a race before the end, especially when you’ve put in the training, recced the route and thoroughly tested your gear before hand. But that is exactly happened in … Continue reading

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