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Bucket List

Chevy chase Ann waltz Coledale Horseshoe Hardmoors 26.2 series, 26.2m, 17th feb Hardmoors 26.2 Osmotherley Trail Marathon Hardmoors 55, 55m, 23rd March, Allendale Challenge, 25m, 6th April, Scarfell Marathon Thanks to Lawrence Johnson and Phill Turton for suggestions.

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Trail Running Magazine’s Team 2014

One of the reason’s that I got involved in the British Trail Running podcast and the Strava Ambassador programme is that I believe in grass routes running. I find it just as inspiring to watch someone that’s new to running … Continue reading

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Readers Letters

There are a number of reason’s for my creating this blog, initially I wanted to see how the downloadable version of WordPress compared with the hosted version. In my day job, as an IT manager i’m occasionally asked for recommendations … Continue reading

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2013 in Brief

As the new year approaches and we start to think about what races we want to tackle in 2014. I thought I’d look back and see what i’d accomplished in 2013. On the whole I had a pretty good year … Continue reading

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Trailing into work

Living in the UK we are spoilt for places to run on trails, whether its around our beautiful coastline, the amazing national parks of the Lake or peak district, the pennines or snowdonia or any of many long distance paths … Continue reading

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Marshalling Ravenscar

The Western United States 100 Mile Endurance Race is one of those races that’s been on my bucket list since reading about it a couple of years ago. But what’s this got to do with marshalling? Well the Western Unites … Continue reading

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Ultra Popular

We all know how difficult getting a place in an event like the Great North Run or the London Marathon can be. These days even local races like North East’s Blaydon Race or the coastal run are filling up within … Continue reading

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Having completed the big ultras I’d signed up for this year, my training is starting to trail off a bit so I thought it would be a good time to revisit park running and see how my 5k time was … Continue reading

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Tyne Ultra – tales from the river bank

While I don’t often think about it, i’ve lived alongside the River Tyne most of my life, crossing it almost daily, to go to work or the shops and quite often running or walking along its banks. Now that i’d taken up ultra running, the idea of run its entire course from its source in the hills above Alston to the sea at Tyne Mouth made absolut sense. Continue reading

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Rounding up the best of the Race Vests

Ultra vest/pack designs seems to have come on leaps and bounds since I bought my UltraAspire only just over a year ago at the time I was one of the few people with this kind of pack, now it seems everyone is wearing them, but with so many suddenly on the market which is the best to buy?
I enlisted the help of Jon Steele, Tony Holland and Andy Holohan to help me take a few of them through there paces and found thinks have moved on a bit from the days bottles bobbling around all over the place or needing to be a contortionist to get to your gear. Continue reading

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