Setting the bar for 2013

2012 was a sort of mediocre year as far as running goes for me. I started and ended the year with flu which interrupted my training a bit, I only managed to run a couple of fell races all year, and I tried a new brand of trainers which played havoc with my calfs almost causing me to pull out of the Wall Ultra in June.

It was all bad though, I managed to put in a reasonable at the Lakeland 50, (running around with Ian Young and David Best), I was happy with a sub 15 hour run for the 70 Mile ‘Wall’ (Finishing outside my office a couple of hours before my 42nd birthday) and I managed to get around the 62 mile Hardmoors 60.

With another go at the Lakeland 100 planned for July, I’m hoping that I’ll find a little more motivation in 2013. There are 28 weeks between now and the Lakeland, and looking back at my training plan from 2011 (when I last tried the Lakeland 100) I had just come back from the Himalayas and was running 44 miles a week at this stage in my training. Over the past 3 months  i’ve been averaging a mere 1 run a month, although I managed to up that to 18 miles this week I seriously need to up my game and start playing catch up fast.

…did I mention I am around a stone or 1 jean size over my idea running weight.

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3 Responses to Setting the bar for 2013

  1. Gwyn James says:

    Hi David, are you doing any of the recce runs in the lead-up to the 100? I did the run in November and the one yesterday, was hoping you might be there. Anyway, good luck with the training and I look forward to seeing you at the 100 in July. Gwyn

  2. david coxon says:

    Thanks Gwyn, glad to hear that you enjoyed the Recce yesterday – I heard it was pretty hard going with poor weather. I’m hoping to get over for at least one of the recces at some point. Living just over an hours drive from Penrith I tended to just pop over and do a section or two when the weather was good last year, but I really should get organized and do some of the organized ones.
    Are you doing the 50 or the 100 this year?

  3. Grant Hamilton says:

    Hi Dave, not sure whether you will get this but if you do, great. Never got round to thanking you for getting me through the Lakeland 50 in 2011 as i couldnt track you down (IT skills were never my strong point). Read your blog & was humbled to see you had mentioned me. Hope you are running strong. May the wind be on your back and the sun on your face. Grant Hamilton.