Kielder lakeside way

The Kielder Lakeside Way is a full Marathon length track around Kielder Reservoir in Northumberland. When it opened over a year ago I took a run around the first section of the course and I have to say I was very impressed with the design of the trail. The designers had managed to pretty much keep to the edge of the lake all the way around, but had incorporated elements of the forest and a few little hills and not only added new bridges, but also a number of pieces of public art.

kielder lakeside way image

As one of my last long runs before heading off to the Himalaya’s I went back and revisited the course this week, this time completing the entire 26.4 miles.

If anything I was even more impressed, there were now mile markers every mile and some sculptures that weren’t quite finished last time were now complete, my favourite sculpture was the giant designer chairs looking out over the lake I think I could quite happily have stopped and had a lie down on those.

The trail is now quite established and has sort of mellowed down nicely into its surroundings last time it was still a bit shinny and new and stood out a little bit as something man made in the middle of the countryside.

The first official kielder marathon is due to take place in October, and while i won’t be able to run it as i’ll be tapering for India, it looks set to be a fantastic event.

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