The British Trail Running Podcast

A few weeks after completing the Hardmoors 55 this year, Tim Batesman got in touch asking if he could interview me for a new podcast he was producing/presenting call The British Trail Running Podcast, the idea was that it would be a monthly Audio Podcast in a magazine type style with interviews and regular sections on running kit and recent races.

The interview wasn’t quite what I expected, it was all done over skype, and there was very little editing if any, pretty much every err, erm and um went into the show (which was the first to be released), my wife Lucinda stopped counting after about 50.

Knowing that I worked in IT, Tim said  I was welcome to help administrate the website, facebook page and even record some stuff for the podcast if I felt like it, alongside regular presented Alistair Archibald Stewart and Phill Turton. In the same way that some people have a ‘face for radio’, I have a ‘voice for press’. I don’t like recording voicemail messages let alone interviews, but it would be an opportunity to do a bit of editing and use some of the software that I have been supporting others to use for years at work.

A few weeks went by and I posted a few comments on the facebook pages and promoted the podcast on some of my social networks, then I bumped into Tony Holland out running and said i’d be interested in interviewing him for the podcast. Tony is quite an interesting guy and having far some tough races recently and only just opened an online ultra store it should make an easy interview.

I arrange to meet up with Tony and we recorded a show, as predicted Tony did a great interview and I definitely preferred asking the questions to answering them, you can hear my chat with Tony in episode 6 of the podcast.

I’m still not keen on the sound of my own voice, put was persuaded to join in a discussion with Archie (Alistair) and Jonathon Steele (another regular presenter) on the mandatory kit for races like the Lakeland 100 for a new segment called kit corner with Staurt Hale of Accelerate. Recording a group discussion over skype was another interesting experience, luckily I we recorded about 45 minutes so I was able to edit it down and pick out the best bits.

It is a big commitment to get involved in this kind of project in terms of time, but its great motivation to seek out some of the post interesting people in running and get their opinions on the sport.

You can find a list of the content of each episode here: The British Trail Running Podcast Index

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